Company history in brief

In the beginning the product range of Puijon Nahkatuote Ay, established in 1973 in Kuopio, Finland, consisted of leather collars and leashes for hunting dogs. During four decades the company has grown, its product range diversified and its business become international. The cornerstones of our operations, however, have not changed since the early days: our business is still based on innovative product development, high quality products and love for pets.

Where we operate

Today, Best Friend Group Oy operates in the Nordic countries, focused on developing, importing and marketing pet products. Almost all product development and testing takes place at our headquarters in Kuopio, Finland, although we also have subsidiaries in North America and Hong Kong. In addition to catering for the home market, we export products to 28 countries. We currently employ more than 80 people, and our net sales are around EUR 40 million.

We offer the most extensive product range on the market

Our product range consists of food and accessories that we sell in the Nordic countries to all grocery and specialist business chains and stores. We cater for dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, cage birds and aquarium fish. The broad range of products ensures we are able to offer practically all a pet will need at any stage in its life, safely and with premium quality. Our principal brands include Best Friend, Hurtta and Racinel, while we also represent premium international brands such as Flexi, AlmoNature and Pet Safe.

Best Friend
Almo Nature
Pet Safe

Why we are in business

Our business is based on knowing what pets need, and wanting to provide them with ever better products. We also want to make the everyday lives of pet owners easier, by offering safe, high-quality products that are easy to identify and that meet exactly the right needs. We believe that pets make us better people.

What we aim for

We are an expert, highly motivated team with a continuing thirst for knowledge. We want to know pets and pet owners better every day, and to be an attractive, reliable partner for customers and suppliers. Our aim is to develop the pet product market and lead the way in product development in the industry. We value sustainable development, and all our operations are based on respect for both people and animals.

Contact details

Best Friend Group Oy
PL 1769 (Kellonkierto 3)
70461 Kuopio
Finland tel.
+358 (0)17 6811 800

Best Friend Sweden AB
Solna Torg 13, 7tr
S-171 45 Solna Sweden
tel. +46 8 755 27 10

Best Friend Denmark A/S
Birkegaardsvej 3
DK – 8361 Hasselager Denmark
tel. +45 70 20 40 28


If You are interested in joining us to work in a dynamic, energetic and international environment, please send Your application and CV at and tell us, why we should hire You. We will contact You if we can offer You a position that would best meet Your skills and competences.

Mika Holappa 
+358 (0)40 865 9646 
mika.holappa (a)

Kirsi Åkerlund

Kirsi Åkerlund
Financial Director
+358 (0)50 434 3950
kirsi.akerlund (a)

Petri Kiviluoma

Petri Kiviluoma
Purchase and Logistics Director
+358 (0)50 487 1383
petri.kiviluoma (a)

Hanna Korhonen
Sales Director, Finland
+358 (0)50 337 2831
hanna.korhonen (a)

Heidi Poulsen

Heidi Poulsen
Sales Director, Denmark
+45 61 63 79 62
heidi.poulsen (a)

Ida Iwerbäck

Ida Iwerbäck
Country Director, Sweden
+46 70 428 28 17
Ida.Iwerback (a)

Marjut Miettinen

Marjut Miettinen
Export Director
+358 (0)44 031 8128
marjut.miettinen (a)

Arttu Hiltunen

Arttu Hiltunen
+358 (0)40 748 0713
arttu.hiltunen (a)
-Freight contracts
-Premises and Services
-Packing material procurements

Tomi Leinonen

Tomi Leinonen
Warehouse Manager
+358 (0)50 551 2124
tomi.leinonen (a)
-Transport coordinations